Division 08 : Other Mining and quarrying
081  Quarrying of stone, sand and clay
 0810 Quarrying of stone, sand and clay
   This class excludes:
   - mining of bituminous sand, see 0610
   - mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals, see 0891
   - production of calcined dolomite, see 2394
   - cutting, shaping and finishing of stone outside quarries, see 2396
  08101Quarrying of marble
  08102Quarrying of granite
  08103Quarrying of slate and building and monumental stone other than marble and granite
  08104Mining of dolomite
  08105Mining of gypsum including selenite
  08106Operation of sand or gravel pits, basalt / porphyry, clay (ordinary), crushing
and breaking of stone for use as a flux or raw material in lime or cement,
manufacture or as building material, road metal or ballast and other materials
for construction
  08107Mining/quarrying of limestone, limeshell, ‘kankar’ and other calcareous
minerals including calcite, chalk and shale
  08108Mining of clays (kaolin, ball clay, wollastonite, bentonite, fuller’s earth, fire
clay etc. )
  08109Mining of refractory non-clay minerals (andalusite, kyanite, sillimanite,
dunite, diaspore magnesite, diaspore, magnesite)
089  Mining and quarrying n.e.c.
 0891 Mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals
   This class excludes:
   - extraction of salt, see 0893
   - roasting of iron pyrites, see 2011
   - manufacture of synthetic fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, see 2012
  08911Mining of native sulphur or pyrites and pyrrhotites valued chiefly for
  08912Mining of natural phosphates including apatite minerals
  08913Mining of earth colours (ochre including red oxide).
  08914Mining of fluorspar
  08915Mining of barytes
  08919Mining of potash bearing salts/minerals; borate minerals and other fertiliser and chemical minerals n.e.c.
 0892 Extraction and agglomeration of peat
   This class excludes:
   - service activities incidental to peat mining, see 0990
   - manufacture of articles of peat, see 2399
  08920Extraction and agglomeration of peat
   Extraction of salt
   This class excludes:
   - processing of salt into food-grade salt, e.g. iodized salt, see 1079
   - potable water production by evaporation of saline water, see 3600
  08931Salt mining, quarrying, screening etc.
  08932Salt production by evaporation of sea water or other saline waters
 0899 Other mining and quarrying n.e.c.
  08991Mining of gemstones (agate, diamond, emerald, garnet (gem), jasper, rubby/
saphire etc.
  08992Mining and quarrying of abrasive materials (pumice stone, emery, corundum,
garnet and other natural abrasives)
  08993Mining of mica
  08994Mining of natural graphite
  08995Mining of asbestos
  08996Mining of vermiculite, perlite and chlorites
  08997Mining of felspar and silica minerals including quartz, quartzite and fuch. Quartzite
  08998Mining of talc/ steatite
  08999Mining of laterite, diatomite and silicious fossil meals (e.g. diatomite); and other natural fluxes; natural asphalt or bitumen and other mining n.e.c.
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